For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Sunday, August 20, 2017

New swing 

We had another busy, but great weekend.  Friday night, we went out for supper and to Lowe's.  We have spent a lot of time there lately.  Saturday, we were at the grocery store by 8:00, and then Sean went to the new house while the boys and I ran errands.  While the boys napped, I did an unreal amount of laundry, prepped lunches for the week, and laid out everyone's clothes for the week.  It's the only way to survive the mornings now that Sean leaves at 4:45.  We joined him after naps.  The highlight of the weekend was the new swing.  We gave it to Sam for his birthday.  Sean figure out which tree was best and got a good chain for it.  He hung it right as we were getting there Saturday, and they boys were in heaven.  It is the coolest swing.  It swings really far, and three boys can swing at once.  They love it!

Sam made his own tool belt this weekend. It was so funny!

 Luke stirs the eggs every Saturday and Sunday morning.  It's his job, and he takes it seriously.

It doesn't look like we've done much to the house, but we have.  Well, Sean has.  The entire house has new subflooring except half of the kitchen and den.  Sean has been working under those areas to reinforce a few joists, and he is almost finished with that. This weekend, I mudded some spots where we removed base boards and crown molding.  We're almost ready for flooring, then paint, and then we will tackle the kitchen.  Sam and Luke are big helpers.  When they can resist the temptation to play with the tools, they help Sean by bringing him things.  It's really been fun watching them be a part of the process.

Even TC wants to help.

Monday, August 14, 2017

First week of school 

We survived our first week of school.  Sam is LOVING school!  He is so excited every day.  However, he is not used to being at school all day every day, having two recess breaks, and only getting a 40 minute nap.  By the time he gets to sleep, it's time to get up.  He did fine at school, but he was tired and irraitable at night.  Hopefully this week will be better in the evenings.  Luke is loving school, too.  He talks all about his new friends and his teacher Mrs. Alyssa.  He has behaved himself, except for trying to swipe his friends' chips at lunch.  We're working on his self-control.  He loves getting some time with Nana all to himself on Tuesdays and Thursdays, too.  I have a really great class, and I enjoyed the first week, too.  I am adjusting to having Sam with me in the afternoons.  I'm getting no work done, but I'll figure something out.  In other news, we're still working hard on the new house.  It has been slow because Sean is so tired in the afternoons and I'm back at school, but it will be done soon.

(I took no pictures with the camera this week.  The phone pics will have to do until things settle down.)

Sam wanted his hair like mine after his bath.

This is how we all felt by Friday night.

Mrs. Robertson...the most amazing teacher ever!!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Back to School

Summer is officially over.  I'm a little sad, but we made some amazing memories this summer.  We packed in some fun Monday and Tuesday with ice cream cones and an afternoon at the splash pad. Then Wednesday I started back to school.  Thursday night, we had Open House.  Sean took Sam and Luke.  Unfortunately, I had to be in my classroom.  He is so excited about school, but he's nervous when he gets around a lot of people.  His official day is Tuesday.  Luke also starts at Fairview CDC Tuesday.  Beverly will take him on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I took him to meet his teacher Friday, and he had the best time.  My babies are growing up.