For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend with Ci Ci

We had a wonderful weekend.  My mom drove down Friday after school, and she left this morning.  The boys loved every minute of it, and so did I.  

Sam woke up from his nap Saturday and wanted all of his animal friends in the bed with him.

They read so many books this weekend.  Sam loves books!

Sam is still obsessed with socks and shoes.  He wanted to wear these to church this morning.

So proud...even though they're on the wrong feet.

Nana came over to visit this afternoon.  She and Luke had fun.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Restful Weekend

We've all had a restful weekend, except for Sean.  He had to work all day yesterday.  My plan was to start canning tomatoes before the boys got up, but Sam woke up at 6:00, and he woke Luke up. Thankfully, Sam played well while I canned.  Luke just watched from his swing and "talked" to us. At one point, Sam took all his clothes off.  Then he crawled up on the back of the couch and watched Bobby and Genise.  I opened the window for him, and they just hollered back and forth at each other.  It was pretty funny.  Then, he put on several pairs of underwear.  That's his new thing.  He likes to put on multiple pairs at a time.  Next, he found a colander and used it as a seat. He is highly entertaining.  After Sam's nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon in Sam's pool.  He had a big time.  Now we're soaking up the last few hours of a wonderful weekend.

He shared his underwear with Luke.

Everything becomes a hat at some point.

He likes to put his finger in Luke's mouth.  We're trying to teach him about germs.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

3 Months

It's hard to believe that Luke is three months old.  He is so much fun, and he is the happiest baby ever!

Weight: 14-15 pounds (We don't have a scale, so it's hard to tell.  He is at least 14 pounds, though.)

Diaper size: 2

Clothing size: 3-6 months, and some 6 months

Likes: laying on his  play mat, taking a bath, watching Sam, swinging, being carried in the wrap, being outside, laying on his changing table, being swaddled

Dislikes:  There isn't much he dislikes.  He is still not a huge fan of riding in the car, but he doesn't pitch a fit like he used to.  

Luke has almost mastered rolling over.  He can't quite get his elbow out from underneath him, though.  He smiles and coos all the time.  He sleeps from 8:30-6:00, which is the best gift he could ever give me!  I put him in his bed awake after I feed him, and he usually grunts for a few minutes and then falls asleep.  When he wakes up, he just talks in his bed until I come get him.  He eats every 3-4 hours during the day.  He gets tougher every day, thanks to his big brother.  Sam loves him, but he is not very gentle. Luke lights up when he sees Sam, though.  And it's precious!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Week Back

To say that this week was busy would be an understatement.  Getting myself, a two year-old, and an infant ready and out the door by 6:40 a.m. is no easy task, but we did it.  Sam had the hardest time.  He didn't mind me waking him up, because he's an early bird anyway.  But he did not want to be rushed.  He wanted to stay in his pajamas, and he sure didn't want to eat right away.  Thank goodness for Mrs. Peggy.  She doesn't mind when I bring his breakfast with him.  He sure enjoyed being back with his friends again, and I was so glad. Luke did well, too.  There were a few times that he didn't take the bottle very well, but he sucked the other ones down.

We had a wonderful weekend.  Friday night, we went out for supper and then came home and shelled purple hull peas.  I looked over at Sean and had to laugh.  We were sitting on the couch shelling peas with a five-gallon bucket between us.  My, how date night has changed!  We are so thankful for fresh vegetables from our garden.  And I'm so thankful for Sean.  He has done most of the work in the garden.  Just this weekend, we've had fresh tomatoes, purple hull peas, okra, and green beans.

Sean had to work Saturday, so we worked around the house Saturday morning.  The rest of the day, I loved on my boys.  I sure missed them this week.  Today, we went to church, had lunch with the Long's, and came home for naps.  I have loved on my babies most of the afternoon and loved every minute of it!

I thought Sam had found every hat in our house until he found Sean's bicycle helmet.

Luke loves his play mat!

I can't end the day without giving a shout out to Pop.  Today is his birthday, and we sure wish we could have been there to celebrate.  We love you, Pop!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Day with Genise and More Dress Up

We spent most of Thursday with Genise, and it was so fun.  She came over and visited while Sam played outside, and the weather was beautiful.  Then, she came over again after Sam's nap. Yesterday, we went to lunch with Nana, and then we went shopping for some clothes for me.  It was such a fun day!  Today, I canned tomatoes for the first time, and it was a success.  I think I held Luke the entire three hours that Sam napped today.  He didn't necessarily need to be held, but I needed to hold him.  I'm treasuring every moment I have with my babies before I go back to school Monday.

Sam wanted to hold Luke this morning.  It lasted about thirty seconds.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Visit from Dean and a Little Dress Up

It has been a wonderful week so far.  We started the week off with a visit from Dean.  She was in Columbus, and she came by for a few hours on Monday.  It was so good to visit with her.  Luke had a belly ache while she was here, and she had the magic touch with him.  He totally relaxed in her arms.  When Sam woke up, he was so excited to see her.  It was such a great day!  

The last few days have been filled with lots of block building, puzzle assembling, and book reading. I wanted to give Sam as much attention as possible since I'm going back to work Monday.  After I put Sam to bed each night, and when Sam has napped this week, it's been all about Luke.  I have soaked up every second of my last few days with them.

Sam has been wearing our clothes lately.  It is hilarious.  He mostly gets our socks and shoes, but he'll put on anything he can find.  

He also takes his clothes on and off all day long!  Here he tried to put his shorts and shirt back on.

Oh my!!  This is the happiest baby on earth!  I could just eat him up!

Of course, Sam had to put on Luke's hat.