For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Pink eye, painting cabinets, and a new front door

The title pretty much sums up the weekend. We worked on the hour a ton, and got a lot of one. Saturday morning, I took the boys to a birthday party, and Sam woke up from his nap with pink eye. I now have it, too. Thankfully, we already had drops for it. I painted half of the kitchen cabinets this weekend, which is nice. We ended up having to get a new front door for the new house. I’m not going to lie. I loved the front door that was there. It was solid wood, and it looked like a farm door. I knew it had to go, but I was in denial until this weekend. It had a huge gap at the bottom, even after Sean installed the flooring. It wasn’t square, and it wouldn’t lock. After several hours of Sean working on it, he called from the new house and said we had to have a door tonight. He had taken it off, and it wasn’t going back on. So we got a new door. It’s really pretty. We have this week of school, and then we’re out for Christmas break. We’re all counting down!

Oh, and we got the bunk beds put up this weekend! We needed something for the boys while we are there working. They are pumped! 

Our boys are so creative! They got bungee cords and made two trucks tonight. They took turns towing each other...mostly Thomas. He loved it, too!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Fun weekend!

We didn't do much this weekend. Sean worked on the house. We tried to help, but there wasn't much we could do at this point. So we stayed home. We got our Christmas tree last night. We decided to get a small tree this year, since we have so much going on. Funny thing, though. Although it isn't about as tall, it's so fat. It was one of the last ones left at Lowe's, and it was already wrapped up. We love it! I put the lights on last night, but it was too late to decorate. Today, we went to church and then the boys took naps. After supper, we decorated the tree. It was so sweet. Thomas tried, but he was more interested in what the ornaments looked and felt like. Sam and Luke were all business! They were serious about that tree. I put a few on top, but they did the rest.

One of these days, I'm going to get my good camera fixed. In the mean time, my phone pics will have to do.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


We've had quite a week and weekend. When I put Luke to bed Wednesday night, I knew he was getting sick. He had been so whiny. Sure enough, he woke up wth fever Thursday morning. He was negative for strep and flu. His temperature got up to 105, and it stayed between 104 and 105 until Saturday morning. In the meantime, I realized I had the stomach bug Friday, and it was awful. I was wrapped up in a blanket at the kitchen table while the boys ate supper Friday night, and Sam started complaining of a stomachache. He never complains of a stomachache. About 30 minutes later, he was throwing up everywhere in the bathroom. Thankfully, he only threw up once. Sam was back to normal Saturday. Luke's temperature was down to around 100. I was getting there. Today, Luke woke up fever free, and we were all feeling great. We stayed home from church, since Luke still had fever last night. We disinfected everything in the house and played outside for a little while. We hadn't seen much of the outdoors in a while. I am going to be way behind with school stuff this week, but we are all looking forward to a week with no sickness.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving, Round 2

We had round 2 of Thanksgiving last night.  We met Nana, Frank, and Mawmaw at Longhorn, and then we went back to Nana and Frank's for dessert.  The kids loved every minute of it.  Unfortunately, my camera was acting up, and I didn't get any good photos.  These were the best I got.

 Of course, the one with everyone smiling and looking at the camera was even blurrier than this.