For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Baby Murphy #3

We've been busy making a big announcement this weekend: Baby Murphy #3 will be here some time around March 10th. We are a little overwhelmed with the fact that we'll have three kids under the age of four, but we are thrilled about baby #3.  Sam is beginning to understand, and Luke has no clue. First, Sam kept saying, "Momma, you're not a baby," when I would tell him about the baby.  Then he would say he wanted to get back in my belly.  Now he goes around saying there's a baby in momma's belly. We'll see how well he comprehends and adjusts to it all.

Sam and Luke found Sean's latex gloves, and they had a big time with them.

Luke loves to read.  He brings us books all the time, and he backs up into our laps so we'll read them to him.  Saturday, he climbed up in Sam's chair and found a book with sound effects.  He thought it was the funniest thing and didn't even notice that it was upside down.

Sean has been trying to perfect the homemade biscuit, and in my opinion, he has.  We tried making my grandmother's angel biscuits for Sunday morning breakfast.  We had to make them Saturday night so they would rise overnight.  They were delicious.  It was so sweet seeing the boys try to "help" and watch what we were doing.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

I know I say this every weekend, but this one really was the best.  We went to McAllister's Friday night, and then came home and let the boys play outside.  Sean had to work Saturday, and for once, they played fairly well and let me clean the house.  Nana and Frank came over and took Sam to Chick-Fil-A, and he was in heaven getting to ride in their car and have them all to himself.  I got extra snuggles with Luke.  The boys took good naps, and then we were back outside for more playing.  Today was a relaxing day.  There was a huge storm right in the middle of the boys' naps, which they slept right through.  Now we're grilling hamburgers, and I have a blackberry cobbler in the oven.  

The week was good.  I love my class this year, and I'm adjusting to a new assistant while Lauren is out on maternity leave.  The boys are loving being at Peggy's every day, which is such a blessing for this momma.  If I can't be with them every day, at least I know they are loved and love being with Peggy.  Luke had has 15 month well-check, and I'll do a separate post on that.

Luke likes to wear Sam's underwear on his head.  He brings it to us and wants us to put it on.  So funny! 

He also likes my jewelry.  Both boys do.

Friday night, Bella and Aubrey came over with decorated milk jugs.  They put some sort of neon flashlights in them, and they glowed in the dark.  The boys had the best time with them.  Sam used one as a nightlight.  Luke even got the top off and thought there was milk inside.

This is what Sam wanted to wear to Chick-Fil-A.  He had on an outfit that was much worse, and we compromised with this.  He ended up losing the hat and putting on sandals, which was better.  That is one battle I don't fight.  He loves to pick put his own clothes, and unless we're going to church, I pretty much let him pick it out himself.  We get lots of grins and giggles in public.

Luke also likes to put Sam's shirts on his head.  He just goes about his business with the shirt on his head.

This was precious.  Sean took Sam to Lowe's, and he gave in and bought him some M & M's.  (He knows I won't get him any. Ha!)  He came back and shared them with Luke.

Sam was explaining to Luke that he was going to spill the M & M's, and sure, enough, he did.

This is Luke's favorite thing to do.  He loves the rocks at the end of the driveway.  It makes me a nervous wreck because he's so close to the road.

I wish I'd gotten a picture of what happened next.  Luke took off on the tractor.  It scared Sam, and he fell off.

Luke was shaking his hands saying, "Hot, hot!"

Sunday, August 9, 2015

First Week of School

We survived the first week of school, and it was a great week.  By Friday, I was exhausted, but I was so glad to have the weekend with my boys.  Sean had to work Saturday...for the fourth Saturday in a row.  We're both getting a little tired of it, but at least the extra money is paying for a Labor Day beach trip.  We made the best of it by running errands and playing outside..  We attempted to clean the house.  And we even made it to 9:00 church this morning.  I'm not at all ready for the week at school, but it will be fine.

This was one of the sweetest moments I have witnessed with the boys and their daddy.  Sean was working on his truck, and Luke crawled under there with him.  Luke was a momma's boy for the first year of his life, but he sure is a daddy's boy now, and I love it.  Then Sam tried to help, too.

Poor Sean had to use his phone as a flashlight.  Sam and Luke have run the batteries down on every flashlight we own.

Oh my! This picture!  First of all, Sam found ink that goes into a calligraphy pen, and he bit it.  It got all over his lips, and then he gave it to Luke, who did the same thing.  Then he wanted to put on my apron.  He is so funny!

Sean made a tent over Sam's bed last night, and the boys loved it.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Goodbye, Summer!

I've dreaded this day for a couple of weeks, and now it's here.  I go back to school tomorrow. Although it's always exciting to start a new school year, I will miss my boys so much! Thankfully, they are excited to go back to Peggy's.  They love her!  

We've had the best week.  Our only mishap was the day that Luke woke up with a rash all over his body.  Just like Sam, he is allergic to Penicillin.  Sean had to work until noon Saturday, and then we went to school to paint a bookshelf.  We splurged and got some filets at the grocery store for supper last night.  We thought we would have leftovers for steak sandwiches, but we were so wrong.  Luke ate an entire filet.  And it was not a small filet.  That boy can eat!

Luke wanted to wear Sean's boots.  He got mad when he fell down and couldn't get back up.

He also likes to wear my necklaces and sunglasses.

Sean fixed my car Saturday.  I am so thankful to be married to a man who can fix just about anything.  There is no telling how much a dealership would have charged us just to replace a cam shaft sensor.  Sam had to help his daddy!

Luke couldn't climb up in the car, so he just held onto Sean's legs.

I spray painted a bench for my classroom, and I wore Sean's respirator.  Of course, Sam wanted to wear it, too.  He kept saying he was a monster and trying to scare us.  Luke had to wear it, too.

Sam and Luke wrestled in the kitchen for the longest time tonight.  It was hilarious.

For some reason, Sam thought he needed to get undressed and then put on a toboggan.