For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dirt, Dresses, and Limes

We've had a weekend filled with all kinds of fun.  And we hardly left the house.  I say this all the time, but I am so thankful for this season of our lives where we are home most of the time.  I'm sure I'll love being on the go with these boys one day, but right now I love our days just playing outside. 
We finally had a weekend without rain, and we took advantage of it by spending every possible moment outside.  Sam and Luke got filthy in the dirt.  Sam was fine as long as it wasn't on his hands. Luke became one with the dirt by eating it.  He doesn't care one bit that the dirt is all over his body.

The funniest moment of the weekend was when I picked them up at Peggy's Friday.  Luke was still asleep, and when Peggy brought him out of the room where he sleeps, he was in a dress.  I could not stop laughing.  He had a blowout, and I'd forgotten to put a change of clothes in his bag.  The dress was all she had.  I brought him home and let him crawl to the back of the house where Sean was. Sean didn't think it was near as funny as I did.  Then, Sam had to get some attention, so he put the dress on.  

And a few funny things Sam is saying these days:
  • He has been looking at the blog books, and I showed him my big belly when I was pregnant with both of the boys.  We were getting in the car the other day, and he said, "Momma, I want to get back in your belly."
  • Lainey, his friend at Peggy's, wasn't there Friday.  Mrs. Peggy told him that she was in Jackson. He said, "She went to Nanny and Daddy Bill's house."  (She was in Jackson, MS for a doctor's appointment, but he remembered that Nanny and Daddy Bill live in Jackson.)
  • We've been leaving my car in the driveway on pretty days so Sam and Luke can play in the carport.  One day this week, Sean knew it was going to rain, so he pulled my car in the carport. We got ready to leave the next morning, and Sam said, "Daddy put the car in the carport.  Good Daddy."
  • Sean made a big breakfast this morning, and Sam said, "Daddy, this is delicious."

We gave Luke a lime after supper, and he just kept licking it and making the funniest faces.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

That Tiger Get Me

Another great weekend is in the books, and the countdown has begun for summer break.  I don't usually count down this early, but this year I'm ready.  We had rain ALL week and some of the weekend, so when it was not raining, we were outside.  I didn't get much done on the inside of the house, but I'm ok with that.  We had a blast playing outside and listening to Sam.  It took him a while to start talking, but he sure it making up for it now.  And it is hilarious!!  Of course, now that I'm sitting down to blog, I can't remember any of the funny things he said this weekend.

Something I want to remember...Wednesday night, some time in the middle of the night, Sam woke up screaming.  He's been having bad dreams, but this was different.  He's usually half-asleep and laying in his bed crying, but this time he was screaming.  By the time I got to the hall, Sam was there screaming, with his arms in the air.  I rocked him, and he had a death grip around my neck.  After he calmed down, I put him back in his bed.  Five minutes later, I heard him scream, "Momma, come get me."  I got him settled, and he was fine after that.  The next morning, I asked him if he remembered crying in his bed.  He looked all serious, and I could tell he was thinking about it.  Finally, he said, "That tiger get me.  He bit me right here," and he pointed to his shoulder.  He talked about that tiger for three days, and he wouldn't go in his room by himself, either.

The next two pictures sum up Luke right now.  He climbs on everything, and he gets so dirty. Unlike Sam, he doesn't care if dirt is on his hands, or anywhere else.

This is how Luke crawls on the concrete once his knees get sore.  He doesn't mind.

I had two boxes ready to break down and take to the trash, and the boys found them.  They had so much fun with those boxes.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend, even though Sean had to work all day Saturday.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent lots of time outside.  We didn't do anything special, but I've learned that those are the weekends that really are special. We just spent time together, and I cherish every one of those moments.

A little fishing in the yard

Sam has recently grown attached to Bun Bun. It's so cute!